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Audit of the Project Implementation Current Status

Audit of the Project Implementation Current Status

At certain stages of the implementation project of a particular information system in an organization conflict can emerge, and sometimes crisis situations caused by a mismatch of the customer’s expectations and whatever it may be (time, budget or project team loyalty) aggravated by insufficient sharing of this feeling by contractors (implementation consultants). For a customer to find answers to the questions “Is it just us, or is it ok?” and “What should we do next with the project?” we offer a service for the project implementation audit. A third party and fresh professional look at your process are required. Why can’t it be LOYP AGENCY manager?

Scope of project implementation audit services:

  • Study of the project prerequisites and customer objectives at the time of its formulation;
  • Study of the project course, used implementation methodology, compromise taken during the project and the degree of following them on both sides;
  • Work with the client’s personnel involved in the project;
  • Development of the audit report recommendations for the next project steps;
  • Presentation of the audit report to the related parties;

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