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Project Management by the Customer

Project Management by the Customer

The service to implement an automated control system (in the context of this service - based on ERP platforms) on the customer’s part is focused on meeting project deadlines and system commissioning. The main priority of our work is to prevent project problems caused by lack of the necessary project experience in the company functional subdivisions. The service is not intended to reduce the liability of hired consultants - direct executors of the project - as well as not intended to maximize the actual amount of their work in the paid time. Of most importance is the usefulness of the introduced functional system and maximizing alignment of changing and new company processes.

Scope of project management implementation service:

  • Review and coordination of the project statement of work;
  • Project management in terms of completeness and adequacy of the introduced functionality;
  • Evaluation of the adequacy of requests of contractors to the project participants from your side (employees);
  • Help to employees to understand “what is expected from them” by consultants, how to do “this” and how much “it” will take time - conducting internal project meetings;
  • Control of the execution of project tasks by the company employees;
  • Participation in meetings on the project status for the correct assertion of the customer’s position and intermediary in negotiations on controversial issues;
  • Regular written informing you on the project progress indicating the necessary measures to prevent and/or solve problems, coordination of contractor’s project manager reports.

We do not imply to interfere in the choice of platform and company-implementers. We also mean that in the course of our mutual cooperation agreed administrative and financial decisions will actually be introduced in company subdivisions, otherwise our participation in the project will be useless.

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