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Financial Model Development

Financial Model Development

When wishing to invest money (no matter whose yet) in a new business area, or in a new project, the following questions always emerge - “How much should be invested?”, “How long to invest?”, and “When will there be a return on the investment?” To answer these questions the project should be assessed. It is important not to be mistaken. These days intuition is not the best adviser when making new investments, as it was ten years ago. Proper financial planning will provide with a realistic look at a potential business project.

We would like to develop a financial plan with your understanding of the need to work closely during the planning process. For the model to be realistic, it should be based on the abilities and competence of a particular person (a manager) and/or a business unit (a subsidiary) which would later be responsible for its implementation. Each investor will have their own presuppositions. For example, there is a difference between these scenarios: “There is a land plot, here are its characteristics” or “We need a land plot but it should be bought”. Different managers will solve differently each task in the process of project implementation. For example, these will be different approaches: “I'll hire a PR specialist to create the initial demand” or “I do not need a staff specialist, I have a successful experience with an agency, I know their prices”. The more properly we agree with you the model’s basic source parameters, as well as the restrictions imposed in the course of work, the exacter the model will be. On our side, we will certainly input our experience and insight in such presuppositions if they are appropriate and you are open to them. In addition, analytical marketing component will take a large share of project work on our side.

Project scope on financial model development:

  • Market research using open sources. Price analysis of main competing products (to justify the sales forecast). Price analysis of key raw materials, equipment, consumed services (to justify expenditure);
  • Development of a parameterized model (multi-page Excel file) containing estimates of capital investments, amortization schedule, taxes schedule, operating costs, sales revenues forecast, financing schedule;
  • Development of forecast balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement based on generated model data;
  • Analysis of model sensitivity to changes in parameters whose values are less predictable but have the strongest impact on the project financial outcome;
  • Model presentation to the customer. Comments on the issues raised after the model study.

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