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Model Presentation in a Bank

Model Presentation in a Bank

The model will be presented not necessarily to a bank but to a private investor, their investment committee or to your partners. The developed financial model is in itself a significant factor in making further decisions. It always corrects the intentions of the project participants (not necessarily in a negative way), it evolves and is being specified. After some time, its funding sources become clear to you and the costs become target. On the side of potential co-investors (or creditors) there is one or usually several people to whom your model should become similarly clear, and they should accept its risks as you did. Hence the need to jointly discuss it, defend and clarify.

In practice, while attracting external financing and defending the model there are several rounds of negotiations and work with experts from different areas (financiers, insurers, appraisers, etc.). Support of this work and representation of your interests forms the essence of the designated services.

Project scope on financial model presentation:

  • Negotiations with the designated investor/bank;
  • Coordination of the required (requested) documents collection;
  • Development of executive summary as a part of a business plan;
  • Preparation of the business plan presentation;
  • Presentation to the decision maker.

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