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Business Sale Moderation

Business Sale Moderation

Often the idea of selling a business (or its share) occurs in the case of conflict of functioning management strategy and the owner’s will (or one of the owners). This disagreement may have different connotations ranging from partners’ personal conflict not related to the business and ending with the different everyday reality of the owner not being involved in the management and operational management which includes the other part of the founders. We may long discuss specific practical situations revealing the reasons for selling but in the end we denote the key word as “conflict” (not necessarily in a negative sense of the word). This means that the transaction will be performed most successfully (and, in principle, will be performed) in the presence of an impartial third party in the role of a competent mediator in the negotiations.

Apart from the need for an independent business valuation, such transactions imply a need for consideration of seller’s and buyer’s subjective situations because most often they (counterparties) are predefined and their circumstances and desires become objective for committing purchase/sale. It is also important not to lose time in negotiations, as each day, week and month make a performed assessment outdated, and the business in this state of its founders invariably declines.

Certainly we should not exclude the opposite situations when the business is sold on the rise and the buyer comes from the outside. But after the 2008 crisis, there are much fewer such cases than before.

Project scope on business sale transaction support:

  • Forming the basis for negotiations in the form of a business valuation report, communication of all its aspects to each of the parties;
  • Bilateral consulting to identify the positions of seller and buyer;
  • Holding of trilateral meetings with a fair communication of arguments on each side;
  • Development of protocols, agreements of intent, contracts in the negotiation process;
  • Coordination of settlement scheme;
  • Legal support of the transaction (if necessary).

Such services are time-paid based on weekly reports submitted to both parties. Budget source should be formed without interaction with our company, by preliminary agreement between the seller and buyer.

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