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Company Website Development

Company Website Development

The creation of websites is not in our company profile. But we cannot exclude this service from our portfolio as a proper website is an essential component in business development or reorganization. Eventually it transpired that creating a website as a separate and independent service as described below was requested.

Creation of web services and online shops (sites that are project direct business) is not our competence. We mean the websites of the companies that sell manufactured products with sales staff performing complex service projects in various areas, providing B2B and B2C services.

We see the creation of a website as a creative process of the chief executive. The main purpose of the created site is to attract new requests of the interested consumers as potential customers of your company.

The most time-consuming work in the project to build the site is not the work of our designers and programmers but the coordination of their actions as they refer to your view on your business and basic content creation. In many ways it is a marketing component.

Project scope on website creation:

  • Study of the client company business (organizational structure, sales directions, company history, competitive environment);
  • Review of founders’ plans on further development and positioning of products/services in the next two-three years;
  • Development of a site structure and basic content reflecting a company’s complete image to external customer;
  • Site composition based on website management software, detailed study and configuring the mapping content, configuration of management system for further work with site materials by company employees;
  • Site registration and configuration in Google and Yandex services, employees training to work with content management system (at the level of content creation and editing).

A website configured and adjusted for completion with further content will be the result of this project. It will reflect your business's individual features and set it apart from competitors with your company's characteristic features. The site will be promoted and its platform will allow its further development without need to reconfigure it.

The website design will be elegant, in your company corporate style; it will not interfere with your business environment. It will not be absolutely exclusive and shocking with technical features. Please note we will not iteratively coordinate design elements with you step by step and several times. We hope that our joint commitment to this work will have its deadline.

When you place this site on the Internet and fill it with content as we defined getting feedback from the market and statistics, you will create the resource development strategy. We will be happy to accompany the project further on trying to minimize your expenses.