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Naming and Style

Naming and Style Ian Waldie/Getty Images

You may dwell on the idea of the new project’s name from several hours to several months. As a result, some variant should be chosen and the new trademark registered. Our view on how to come up with the name of a new company is described here. Our aid in this process may be within the scope described below. здесь.

Payment terms when ordering this service separately will be the following:

We agree on a fee received by us for our work. Payments for it are made unconditionally, during the contract relationships with the final payment immediately after the transfer of the prepared materials.

If one of our proposed projects will be the basis for the final version (or just the final version), you pay a premium of 100% of the value of the works performed.

Project scope on naming and style:

  • Plunging into the idea as deep as you allow us. Interview with you and two people you entrusted in a new idea;
  • Logo and corporate identity design. Development of two different variants of a new brand including the name itself, corporate symbol (logo) and a brief summary;
  • Joint tuning. Adjustment (correction) of one of the variants after discussions with interviewees based on your and their feedback (which does not imply its complete mechanistic following);
  • Booklet design. PDF-booklet design which includes the final version of the logo, possible color schemes, layout options and annotation;
  • Transfer of materials. Vector images (EPS) of materials included in the booklet.