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Audit of the Organizational Structure and Incentive System

Audit of the Organizational Structure and Incentive System

The auditing of organizational structure and an incentive system is purely a consulting project. The quality of its performance largely depends on the speed and completeness of the LOYP AGENCY manager's immersion in your company's internal life.

The result of this work is a report showing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing structure and its key personalities as well as recommendations for the implementation of changes and improving staff motivation (or reasonable statement of no need for them).

Project scope on organizational and incentive structure audit:

  • Acquaintance with the company’s business and the basis for the formation of products added value (in the office, branches and on-site);
  • Analysis of the annual financial statements in the form in which they are regularly and “usually” formed, study of existing incentive schemes;
  • Acquaintance with the company staff on the basis of meetings and regular current interaction. Analysis of the management structure and leadership style;
  • Development of a report including:
    • point of view to build the organizational structure as applied to company current objectives taking into account specific personalities in key positions;
    • comparison of the proposed changes with the existing situation;
    • proposal to change the principles of used key personnel motivation systems;
    • job descriptions in the form of short drafts (for their subsequent formalization and detailed study of the relevant departments heads);
  • Presentation of conclusions.

The cost and timing depends on the company size and number of its areas covered by the audit.

The cost of services will also depend on the project implementation conditions. In the case of positioning of our manager in the staff as an outside consultant or an analyst the cost will be higher as it will take more time to develop the resulting view that we will be ready to defend. In the case of introduction of our manager at a position of responsibility (e.g., development manager, deputy general manager, economist, etc.) with real authority during the project execution, the service term, the risk of report incompleteness and as a consequence, the cost of design work in general are reduced.