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Organizational Structure Update Project

Organizational Structure Update Project

This project is a possible continuation of our cooperation after the organization structure and incentive system audit have been completed and incorporates the latter.

Project scope on organizational structure update:

  • Administrative regular monitoring of actual performance of agreed changes;
  • Support of job descriptions development in the divisions, consolidation of job descriptions registry in the existing (or newly created de facto) company quality management system;
  • Development of document drafts “Regulations on Motivation” for the subdivisions;
  • Direct hiring for vacant positions (if necessary) and new employees support during the probation period;
  • Feedback in the form of regular reports on the project progress;

A project timeline is agreed individually. The format of the project is regular, continuous work of our manager on the project within the company team. Their load can be both full-time and part-time (which does not exclude regularity) depending on the environment and your limitations to the project.

We reserve the right to refuse to continue this project after the audit with a full obligatory explanation of the reasons behind our decision.