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Materials by company managers covering aspects of the value approach to business management, issues of determining the business value at the time of sale as well as factors essential for the future value which should be taken into account at the company creation time.

By and large, a new company name and style, until work and money have been invested in them, can take just about any form (within reason, of course). Many papers have been written on marketing and branding, studying people’s reactions to consonance, combinations of words, colour palettes, etc. Do not worry your head about this too much. The main thing in any new project is the self-actualisation of its creator. This is basic common sense; this is the point to start from when developing a corporate identity. The names of well-known companies are vivid examples of this. In our experience, there have also been quite a few cases where nice-sounding company names were selected based on personal and purely subjective categories of customers. For example, one customer shopping for a corporate identity for her new Internet project was willing to do anything to immortalize her cat’s name…