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Materials developed by company managers on topics on the role of website for a competitive company and brand, approaches to website development and promotion.

Behold the endangered “science” – SEO (Search Engine Optimization). “Wizard” and “alchemist” optimizers – usually, relatively-young people pioneering the Internet space – magically influence the perception of numerous top managers and investors; with no fraudulent intent and quite unknowingly, they sting them to the quick, often irresponsibly, with corporate website popularity caught in the net. The reason for this magical influence is clear: development managers, when the idea for a new project first emerges, often need to claim everything at once, and the website as sales tool is the first avenue towards broad popularity. In order to understand this “chemistry” correctly, one must delve at least slightly into the Internet development story. As the vast number of websites of various profiles and quality began developing, there emerged a need for their classification and search, and consequently, search-system businesses appeared. Initially, there were a lot of Internet search…