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Materials by company managers dedicated to management of automated systems implementation, organizational and methodological preparation for the project, definition of implementation objectives, development of specifications, formalization of the project scope and quality control in the course of its implementation.

On the advantages of using the CRM-system and overcoming the difficulties of introducing the CRM-system. On matters beyond the scope of marketing materials of software suppliers. Positioning of CRM class systems So that the context outlined is clearly defined, let us phrase the essence of CRM before speaking about the system itself. What is behind the abbreviated name of this whole class of information systems – Customer Relationship Management? We shall answer this question by drawing an analogy between the system and other platforms. We will limit ourselves to discussing three classes of systems in which original data input is carried out directly by the user: ERP, DocFlow and CRM. Modern software products represented by these classes in many respects overlap in functionality, and it can be hard for the non-expert to understand the detailed differences between them. Software suppliers, mainly suppliers of certain platforms of a…
We view the main cause of ERP automated-system implementation-project failure as the incorrect definition of project goals or their fundamental absence. Sometimes the very project becomes the objective, whose background at different companies may include such factors as: desire of the head (foreign) office to unify accounting (outside the business objectives of the respective division); self-realization of the project manager overriding the business itself; the owner’s unconscious decision – premature for the business – in the pursuit of advanced “regular management technologies;” development of the IT budget allocated by the corporation. If the origins of the project involve the aforementioned agendas, there is a high probability that implementation of the objective will not be transparent to the customer’s personnel or consultants. This is the source of the initial demotivation of performers from both sides that results in routine and incompetent (tenuous) project solution. These failures are accompanied…