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Quality Management 

Materials by company managers on topics related to the application of quality management in companies, materiality of services for the implementation of quality management systems and their subsequent certification.

The Quality Management System (QMS) exists in one form or another in the production chain of any manufacturing company. Quality management is fairly simple when it comes to making something tangible (that can be touched, weighed or measured). Creating QM rules and implementing QM procedures requires just a little bit of creativity and common sense applied to a concrete manufacturing facility. The problem of quality is much more blurred when it comes to services (design, information or consulting services, as well as other service products that take about as much time, where the final result is not predetermined). It is even more difficult to talk about quality when it comes to back office processes in any company (e.g., if we view the annual financial report or a commercial offer for the client as the final product). The problem of quality is, nevertheless, especially important when the service…