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Staff Selection 

Materials developed by company managers on their views on staff recruitment, motivation and development.

When filling a new vacancy, many employers traditionally use job experience in the same position at a similar company as the criteria for selecting a successful candidate. Usually, the first to interview the applicant is the HR manager (or his subordinate, if the company is big), or the department/area head (if the company is not particularly large). There are also external headhunters, who generally behave like regular HR managers, writing vacancy ads and monitoring the vast labor market. Who are these HR managers? Usually, they are employees who have proven themselves over a relatively long period of time and been entrusted with the responsibility of recruitment. Yes, it is indeed recruitment, since the provided selection of candidates has already been limited and filtered; the three or four who proceed further to the chief executive have already been determined by the aforementioned circle at the initial stage. The…