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To develop healthy business in Russia

Optimization of processes

& Labor productivity

How to cope with the low employee productivity, reduce production and office costs.

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Business valuation

& Due-diligence

Practical marketing of the industry and the region. Financial modeling with on-going support.
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Business Development

& Sales and Promotion

Think about processes in the commercial block, topical pricing and effectiveness of advertising.
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Company's Finances

& Budgeting and reporting

Implementation of IFRS accounting, controlling and budgeting systems. Methodological support.

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Outsourcing of management

& Crisis management

Get a return on the business without spending your own time. We will undertake management of team and the achievement of profitability.
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& Investment project support

Justification of the required investments amount in the business plan. Controlling of the project before reaching breakeven.
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Comprehensive Look

The business problem is not localized clearly in specific functional area as a rule. An improvement of the quality of financial statements, of the level of automation, of the sales activity or of the organizational structure inevitably require taking into account the company's capability to reflect the changes in related areas too.

Practical Focus

The level of on-going changes should adequately match the company's available resources. Transformations should be in balance with the current skills of staff, the ability to fund innovation and the required speed of the internal processes. It is better when the changes are minimal but sufficient to achieve the project goals.


A manager who themself was realized as a leader or an expert in the real sector and has practical achievements will work with you. The diplomas of MBA, ACCA or PMP confirm the professional level of our specialists. We will form the optimal team depending on the specifics of the project.

Full Engagement

We will be a part of your company for a while. We believe that it is impossible to change anything qualitatively if the process does not involve as much as possible your employees. Such integration into business entails daily common work, real powers and a our planned exit upon completion.

Rapid evaluation of the project in your Company

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