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Financial Model Development

Financial modeling, business model, consulting service
Any significant decisions of a commercial company are based on financial modelling and forecasting. Qualitatively prepared business model provides the following benefits:

  • Clarity

    There is a direct interrelation of strategic long-term business indicators with tactical management activities and current level of costs.

  • Assurance

    Simulation of various scenarios of the project development allows finding the most reliable way with a least risks. There is no need to always question "What will be if ...?" The answers can be quickly obtained from the model.

  • Opportunity

    Detailing the cost of products and services over time allows you to flexibly relocate the company's resource and maximize the benefits in conditions of a rapidly changing external environment.

Due to the many years of practice, a large horizon of clients industries and high qualification of our managers the list of possible focuses for our work includes:

  • Forecasting of cash flows and building a budget model for short-term financial planning;
  • Development of a tool for strategic planning in the medium-term scenarios;
  • Building a model for the M&A transaction;
  • Building a model for bank financing or as an investment project model;
  • Analytical research to find and support a complex solution in pricing or stuff motivation system;
  • Analytical research to support solutions in the field of reducing costs and increasing labour productivity.

One of the important advantages of cooperation with us is that we don't take in full existing marketing researches and sales forecasts. Their verification and critical review give us the opportunity to assert that the final financial plan will be realistic and implementable.

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