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Managing ERP Implementation

Implementation of ERP system, project management
Qualified management of the implementation of the ERP-system is the main guarantee of the success of the project. The size of the business, the industry and the allowable budget will determine the IT-platform. A pool of consultants and developers from the vendor partner companies that are available in the project period will determine the staff of the project team. But the quality and timing of the implementation of this resource in your specific business is 90% dependent on the Manager.
With 15 years of experience in complex business automation, we provide reliable project management for the implementation of ERP.

In our focus are

  • Organization and daily management of the Project Office
  • Planning and coordination of Project Tasks for both team and company employees
  • Managing of the Project Budget
  • Coordination of the development of Technical Task
  • Methodological Support in accounting and alignment of processes
  • Organization of Staff Training
  • Accompanying the system during Launching Period
  • Audit of consolidated and operational reporting formed on the basis of the system data
  • Drawing up a plan for the Further Development of processes based on the system
  • Evaluation of the Economic Effect of ERP-implementation for business.

Our managers have professional PMP / PMI certificates, as well as MBA degrees. They are competent in the technical component of a wide range of platforms. At the same time, we do not see in these any significant advantages that distinguish us against of competitors.

Advantages of doing project with us

  • Stability of management, permanent leadership
  • High intensity of work
  • Comprehensive view on the business and methodological support
  • Transparency in project risk management by company side
  • Non-judgmental attitude towards consultants and developers.
There are no "typical" projects just as there are no identical commercial companies. Your business is unique in its environment, history and culture. Your ERP-implementation project will be the only, significant and determining the success of the company for the next few years.

Use only the best experience. Contact us. We will support you.

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