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Development of KPIs System for Company Units

KPI, performance evaluation, strategic planning, financial planning
The system of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is necessary for on-going control of how successfully the company is moving along the path of the strategy by management and shareholders. Each of the indicators is in fact the best possible measure of the performance of department, manager and the company as a whole. The availability of both the KPI system itself and the culture of its regular using are some of the most important factors for the efficiency and stability of the business development.

Inseparable from the system of Key Indicators are:

If any of these elements are poorly developed it is premature to start developing the KPI system.

Usually, the shareholders formulate the company’s performance indicators at the top level without any difficulties. Their structure at least lies on the surface. Traditionally, these are indicators of profitability, revenue and penetration of the market. For a particular business they are accepted in one or another interpretation of calculation methods, adjusted for the specific industry and the size of the company. The quantification of targets for the KPI of the upper level can cause a short discussion. But according to our practice, it is quite successfully coordinated between management and shareholders in-house. The bases for their evaluation are the existing statistics of the company's work, investment plans and assessment of trends in the market.

Our functions are the qualitative decomposition of the top-level objective into the indicators of the company's functional departments and the mutual balancing of their target values.

The Project includes:

  • Identification of Key Indicators for functional units
  • Modelling the values of Indicators based on historical data; building of trends
  • Formalization of calculation methods
  • Identify sources of information and automated tools for the regular calculation
  • Testing the validity of target values on the financial model with different scenarios
  • Explanation the principles of the Indicators calculation and their significance to the chiefs of departments
  • Development of recommendations for improving the information resources of the company for more efficient management of KPI
  • Development of recommendations for the system of staff motivation.
Following the thesis of practical applicability as the basic principle of our company work, we will develop an understandable, not overloaded with complex calculations and relevant for your strategy system of KPIs.

Do not stop in the way of systematization of your business. We will help, contact us.

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