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Implementation of Lean Production

Kanban, lean production
Analyzing of existing fixed and variable costs. Researching of the structure of the production cost. Analyzing of the approach to allocation of indirect costs. Analyzing of throughput and work in progress. Identifying and ranking of bottlenecks. Development of solutions aimed at reducing costs and increasing capacity. This is a list of the main priorities of our work during the project.
We follow the principle of practical applicability of the proposed actions precisely in the conditions of your company. There are a lot of useful things around "in theory" but it is important to understand whether it is possible (and whether it is necessary) to change something here and now.

The proposed program of changes will include steps to improve the efficiency of using material and time resources of the business. It will be a result of the analysis. Typically, this is the optimization of logistics within both the manufacturing and the external supply chain of materials and components. This allows to achieve a qualitative improvement of the company's cash flow using relatively small funds (internal organizational measures). To assess the degree of the positive effect of potential optimization for your production you can apply for a rapid assessment of the project.

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