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Analysis of The Efficiency of Trade and Procurement activities

Processes in the commercial department, turnover, sales efficiency, profit increase
The project is focused on distributors, network retailers and production companies with their own developed sales. It is initiated when the competitive selling price and the current volumes of turnover do not allow earning the required rate of profit.

The structure and employees skills of sales, purchasing and marketing departments are analyzed in the course of our work. The company's existing sales and promotion strategy is identified as "it is". We also study the range of company trade offer and competitive environment.

Our work consist of

  • Calculation of the financial indicators of operational activities;
  • Analysis of the dynamics of indicators over the past two years;
  • Analysis of the throughput of processes in the commercial department;
  • Analysis of costs in supply chains;
  • Identifying of bottlenecks; recommendations on activities to eliminate them;
  • Analysis of the inventory turnover ratio; proposal of activities to increase turnover;
  • Studying the pricing system and the efficiency of managing prices;
  • Comparative analysis of the margin in various product groups in dynamics;
  • Analysis of the ratio of marginal income to the indirect costs volume.

The final report will include our conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of the current business, the proposal of key indicators to monitor current activities and the actions to improve efficiency. The estimated duration of the project is from 1 to 2 months. It depends on the size of the company. As a result of the presentation of the report, we are ready to take responsibility for the immediate implementation of the proposed activities. Contact us.

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