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B2B Sales Management

Marketing technology, sales technology, sales management, consulting in sales

Think of us as a practical performer of your ideas in sales.

We provide a clear go-forward plan with prioritized, step-by-step recommendations for developing a high performing sales organization. This provides a clear path forward and becomes the basis of our consulting engagements.

Our consulting practice develops and improves high performing sales organizations and traditionally includes:

  • Revenue Equation Fundamentals - defined value, target audiences, messaging alignment, marketing alignment, sales teams, sales process, and performance management.
  • Marketing and Sales Technology Implementation - spearheading to assisting in marketing/sales technology implementation and roll-outs (e.g., Website, Marketing Automation and CRM Solutions).
  • Sales Leadership Consulting - assisting and coaching current sales managers with their initiatives or helping bring in the right team.
  • Sales Team Improvement - sales mentorship, training, hiring, and onboarding.
  • Sales Engine Readiness - insuring all the pieces are in place to implement inbound and outbound sales funnel programs.
  • On-going Sales Performance and Support - becoming a part of your team to continue to optimize your sales processes.
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